Millions "check in" every day. How many are talking about your business?

Sure, you can brag about yourself. Most companies do. It’s called marketing and advertising. Thousands of businesses shouting, “Hey look at me!”  Well, how’s that working for you? But when you let your customers do the talking, you’ve now got the most effective and least expensive form of marketing: word of mouth.

Loyalty Revenue

Loyalty Revenue

Automatically thank your customers for bragging about you on their social media with a digital coupon for their next visit.

New Revenue

New Revenue

When the post goes live, their friends, family, and followers can download a digital visitor coupon to come try you out.

Infinite Revenue

Infinite Revenue

Loyal customers generate new customers when they check-in and new customers become loyal the exact same way.

Choose Your Plan

We offer clear and honest pricing with no hidden costs or fees. Our goal is to make pricing transparent, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected charges or confusing models. 



MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION $99.99 (plus one-time $99 setup charge)


  • Unlimited Check-ins: Seamlessly track and manage check-ins without limitations.
  • Unlimited Coupons: Create and distribute coupons without any restrictions.
  • Real-time Coupon Alerts: Instantly notify customers with new coupon offers.
  • QR Code Generation: Generate QR codes in a flash for hassle-free check-ins.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Rely on our expert customer success team for unparalleled assistance.
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Chekdin can be used with any POS system because it uses the coupon codes you create.

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